Angel Ticket Program


The Weathervane Playhouse Angel Ticket Program provides tickets to Weathervane Playhouse performances to members of the community that would otherwise be unable to attend. Weathervane Playhouse is working with various community organizations to distribute available Weathervane Playhouse Angel Tickets throughout our community to create equality in access to theatre and the arts regardless of economic or social situation. These tickets are made possible through the generous donations of Weathervane Playhouse theatre-goers, patrons, and sponsors.

Will You be an Angel?

Your contribution directly benefits a member of our community. Purchase an Angel Ticket, or contribute towards the cost of an Angel Ticket, here.

For Applicants: Weathervane Playhouse Angel Ticket Program Rules and Regulations

  1. The organization must hold a 501(c)3 designation, and be located in the Central Ohio area.
  2. The organization must completely fill out the online application requesting participation in the Weathervane Playhouse Angel Ticket Program.
  3. Once tickets become available, organizations will receive an email outlining the amount of tickets available, and the date and time of the performance. Organizations participating in last-minute tickets available less than 12 hours before a performance will be notified by email and phone. In order to receive any available tickets, the organization must respond to the availability notification with the amount they can distribute. If an organization is chosen to receive tickets to a select performance, the organization or their designated representative, must come to the Weathervane Playhouse Box Office to pick up their tickets. Tickets will NOT be mailed. Please Note: Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Tickets must be used for volunteer and designated beneficiaries of the organization ONLY. By registering for the Weathervane Playhouse Angel Ticket Program, the organization understands that the tickets may be used only for the purpose intended, and cannot be sold, auctioned, or exchanged under any circumstances.
  5. Weathervane Playhouse will conduct an on-going audit to check for ticket use. Failure to utilize given tickets will result in loss of eligibility for future ticket distribution.
  6. Should an organization not be able to use their tickets, 48 hour notice must be given to Weathervane Playhouse in order to allocate the tickets to another charitable organization.
  7. Acceptance into the Weathervane Playhouse Angel Ticket Program does not guarantee tickets. Angel Tickets are provided based on availability, and may vary for each performance.

In order to be processed, the online application must be completely filled out and the 501(c)3 must be submitted to Weathervane Playhouse.