Thank You to Our 2016 Supporters

The Board of Directors of Weathervane Playhouse wishes to express its sincere gratitude for the generosity of the following donors and sponsors from May 22, 2015 – May 1, 2016.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS ($10,000 and Above)

Alford Family Fund of the Licking County Foundation

The John and Mary Alford Foundation

Drs. Thomas J. and Mary Beth Hall

Matesich Distributing Company

Cecil Mauger Charitable Trust

Ohio Arts Council

Park National Bank

Bob and Dotti Pricer

Jeanetta Pyle

Robert Trombetta


Mauger Charitable Trust Fund of the Licking County Foundation

PRODUCERS ($5,000 – $7,499)

The Energy Cooperative

Bob and Anne Hite

Janice McLean

Russ and Beth Suskind

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS ($3,000 – $4,999)

Cherisse Hopper

Anne and Rollin Steele

DIRECTORS ($1,000 – $2,999)

 Dave and Molly Anderson

Ken and Nancy Baker

Gene and Mary Kay Booher

Jim and Linda Brucker

Michael and Barbara Cantlin Fund of the Licking County Foundation

David and Stephanie R. Clements

Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral and Cremation Service

Steve Herbst

Kendal at Granville

Explore Licking County

Licking Memorial Health Systems

Al and Louise Minor

Mortellaro McDonald’s

Kirk and Belinda Paisley

Richardson Glass Service

State Farm and Agents Tony Adams, Erin Curtis, Mike Egan, Stacy Engle, and Bill Stevenson

The Sullivan Family

Parmelee Wheeler

BENEFACTORS ($500 – $999)

Lee Balser

Kelly and Greg Call

Ralph and Charla Devine

Bill and Janet Englefield

Greg and Barbe Helwig

Robert and Donita Hill

Dr. Donald and Patsy Jones

David and Rebecca Keck

Dr. Harold and Carol Kelch

David and Karen Kirk

Brenda L. Kutan

Curtis and Patricia Lang

Robin Lantz

Dr. Todd F. Lemmon

Geraldine D. Marston

Kristin and Ryan Metzger

Larry and Sue Murdock

Herbert Murphy, Jr.

Laraine Neighbarger

Jim Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ramseyer

Judy Rauch

Holly Shai

 SUPER SPONSORS ($200 – $499)


Marty and Dee Altmaier

Brad Barbin for Fred Luper “Arvide- Guys and Dolls

Trudie Bormann in memory of Bill and Dorothy Palmer

Bill and Cindy Bowler in Memory of Matthew Trombetta

Richard and Judy Clark

Kristine and Cameron Close

John P. and Ruth Cooper

Bob and Joan Cullen

David and Vivian Dernberger

Lynne Dolan-Rotruck

Lynne Dolan-Rotruck in Memory of Jack Rotruck

Robert and Carol Engle

Ben and Lisa Englefield

Di and Jim Erickson

Leonard Essig

Dennis and Melody Bascom Frey

Dave and Kathy Fryman

Dave and Kathy Fryman in Honor of Olivia Ribando and Max Karlstrom

David and Marthe Grohman

John and Beth Gwynn

Clarissa Ann Howard

Harold “Mike” Keckley in Memory of wife, Bobbie

Rachel Landis for Laraine Neighbarger

William and Gail Lewis

Janice and Dave Lipphardt

Robert and Patricia McGaughy

Susan Sorino Morse

Tom and Ann Mullady

Laranine Neighbarger for Rachel Landis

Stuart and Marcia Parsons

Mary Praught

Fred and Barbara Pyle

Barbara Ransopher

Michael and Polly Renner

David and Karen Rice

Dr. Jean E. Schelhorn

Emily Schuh

David and Georgette Skrobot

Noble and Kathy Snow

Kim and Ben Specht

Anthony Starn in Memory of Jane Starn

Steven and Virginia Terry

Craig and Susan Thom

Edward and Joyce Tompkins

Ellie Unger in Memory of Rich Unger

Pattye Whisman, M.D.

SPONSORS ($100 – $199)

Glen and Alice Ann Abel

Gerry Artz

Jerry and Betty Ashcraft

Ernest and Saundra Avey

Tamara Ballance

Rich and Sally Banfield

Ella Mae Bard

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barrett

Richard and Sara Behrman

James P. Boomershine

Larry and Mary Cantrell

Bob and Alice Coyne

Donald Davison

Lois and Edward Del Grosso

Jo and Gary Deweese

Kathy Durbin

Carolyn L. Durr

Robert and Karen Ewing

Bob and Cindy Gallagher in Memory of Matthew Trombetta

Fred and Linda Goldstein

Jeff and Helen Hall

Michael and Cheryl Harris

Cherie F. Holland

Sue Hopper

Janet Herbst

Lewis and Rita Huston

Larry Jones

Dr. Robert and Sandy Kamps

Mark and Arleen Lecuyer

The Lifer Family

Chuck and Kathy Marty

Glenn and Diane McGregor

Shayne and Jeni Miller

John and Lois Minsker

Jon and Missy Morrison

Joy Munson

Monica Parsons

Barbara Jones Pettit

James and Ann Phillips

Richard Powell

Dan Rogers

Leta Ross

Dave and Nancy Samson

James and Gae Snyder

Marilyn G. Stocker

Kevin and Brenna Stultz

Don and Greg Stutesman

Carol Svatora

Lindsay Swinton in Memory of Matthew Trombetta

Robert and Gwen Taylor

Phyllis and Terry Thompson

Cathy Vogelmeier

Christine Waters in Honor of David and Molly Anderson

Clarke and Sara Jean Wilhelm

Thomas Wortham

PATRONS (Up to $99)


Wesley Baker

Emmett and Debbie Barrett

Julie Ketner Barrett

Charlotte Basnett

Carolyn Boesch

Donald and Lois Boldt

Robert Boydoh

Cathy Brill

Elizabeth Brown

Ruth Church

Mark and Mary Crippen

Siobhan Davenport

Marilyn Dresser

Diana Dudgeon

David Edelblute

Ruth Eoin

Mark and Barbara Evans

Dawn Farrell

Patricia Finkelman

Gisela French

Tim Gano

Riley and Dawn E. Garrott

James and Gloria Gibboney

Bill Gibson

Lynn Gilbert

Thomas and Janice Goodwin

Julie Goss

Jim, Jean, and Jenny Graham

Christine Gravitt

T.D. and Dori Griley

Edward and Brenda Hall

Joseph and Karen Hickman

Sharon Hinkle

Donna Hill

Garrie and Lesley Hill

Susan Kamps

Mike and Linda Kauffman

Judith W. Keck

Bonnie Kohl

Victor S. Krupman

Troy and Brigette Lafferty

Tom and Jane Lake

Kenneth Laskay

Bill Lehner

Ruth L. Leonard

Ann Lighthiser

David and Mary Jo List

Frank and Elizabeth Logan

John and Julia Massara

James and Marianne Masterson

Mary Beth Mathews

Gary and Martha McDonald

William and Nancy McInturf

Daniel and Aileen McNamee

Dave and Cyndi McPhaden

Beverly McVay

Karessa Miller

Dana Minor

Jean McDonald and Herb Odle

Lori Resta

Susan Rosenberg

Martha Rowland

Jason and Christy Samples

Nicholette Sanidad

Rick and Karen Semer

Debi and Jerry Severson

Kemp for Jill Silverman in Memory of Matthew Trombetta

Millie Snelling

Steven and Diane Snow

Dan and Lois Spangler

Evelyn Steensen

Mary Stern

Marilyn Sundin

Anonymous friend in Honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Beth and Russ Suskind

Gary and Barbara Taylor

Lynsi and Kynadey Thorpe

Ashley Wade

Charles Wesley Walter

Kathy Wesley

James Whithers

James and JoAnn Wiblin

Edith Charter Wiechel