Apprentice Program Winter 2017

Weathervane Playhouse has a tradition in training young artists in the areas of backstage or technical theatre. This training is a hands-on experience with growing professionals in the business. This tradition has become known as the Weathervane Playhouse Apprentice Program.

The Apprentice Program is an unpaid educational adventure that is an invaluable experience in learning the business of theatre, the mechanics of putting on a production, honing and learning new skills and observing professionals in their craft. A fully hands-on learning experience, that is cultivated in real-job application. Many of our apprentices have gone on to have very successful careers in theatre, film, and other areas.

The Winter 2017 Apprentices will be working directly with main stage professionals on the Weathervane Playhouse production of Meet Me in St. Louis. More information about the show can be found here. Meet Me in St. Louis rehearsals begin on December 5. Technical rehearsals will be December 17-20 with performances December 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, and 29 at 7pm, and October 23 and 27 at 2pm. Weathervane Apprentices are encouraged to participate in the tech process, performances, and strikes/turnovers.

2017 Winter Weathervane Apprentices will receive two complimentary tickets to the Winter Production of Meet Me in St. Louis, and will receive a $150 credit towards a WYART workshop or production during the winter term. Visit for a complete list of winter term classes and productions.2017-06-24 11.28.22

You must be 14 years of age or older to apply.

Click here to download an application. Applications may be sent via email to or by regular mail to:

Weathervane Playhouse
P.O. Box 607
Newark, OH 43058-0607

Letters of recommendation may be sent separately.

Application Deadline is November 20, 2017.

Please submit the following:

  1. Apprentice Application and Emergency Medical Information Form with Required Signatures to be completed by the Apprentice and Parent/Guardian,
  2. 250 word typed essay detailing why you want to be a part of the Weathervane Playhouse Apprenticeship Program,
  3. Typed resume with your extra-curricular activities and your roles in those activities, school groups, achievements (academic and other), work place experiences, theatre experiences, and any other experiences you feel are applicable or should be considered,
  4. Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, employer, or community leader who is not a family member, and
  5. List of conflicts and dates/times between December 5, 2017 and December 29, 2017.

The Winter 2017 Apprenticeship Program has openings in the following areas:


Costume Apprentice/Run Crew (1 position) The Costume Apprentice will primarily volunteer during the final preparations of the fall production and for run crew during performances. In addition to being a part of the show backstage, the Costume Apprentice will be taught basic sewing skills, trained in proper laundry techniques and costume maintenance.

Lighting and Sound

Lighting and Sound Apprentice/Run Crew (1 position) The Lighting and Sound Apprentice will learn basic skills as relates to the area of lighting, sound, and design. The Apprentice will assist with lighting hang and focus, and assist with running the lighting board during tech week and performances. Sound responsibilities include preparations of microphones for performers during tech week and performances and maintenance of microphones as necessary. This apprentice may also be asked to assist with sound equipment set up prior to tech week.


Properties Apprentice/Run Crew (1 position) The Properties Apprentice will begin to learn how to analyze a script for props, do research for props to assure quality and appropriateness, as well as be open to learning how to make and engineer properties as needed. An open mind and creative energy are crucial to this position. The Properties Apprentice must also be able and willing to be on run crew for all performances.

Stage Management

Stage Management Apprentice/Run Crew (2 positions) The Stage Management Apprentice will observe and be a part of the daily rehearsal process, assist with paperwork and organization of show and properties tracking. Apprentice must have great attention to detail and be a self-starter. Apprentices will be trained on backstage duties for the Fall production tech week and performances. Backstage duties include but are not limited to: sweeping and mopping the stage, assisting with scene changes, costume changes, managing backstage calls, assisting actors with props hand-offs, spot light operators, light or sound board operators, assisting with microphone issues and maintenance.


Administrative Apprentice (1 position) The Administrative Apprentice will learn the basics and understanding of facility management, marketing, box office operations, ushering and assisting the administrative team with mainstage and WYART programming needs.

If you would like to be involved at Weathervane, but do not want to commit to an apprentice position at this time, please send your contact information, resume or brief explanation of your background and your interests in working with Weathervane Playhouse to

Weathervane Playhouse enforces a zero-tolerance policy for some behaviors/items. Weapons, controlled substances, substances illegal for minors, theft, and behavior interpreted by Weathervane Playhouse as violent, disruptive, destructive, harassing, bullying, or aggressive will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the program as well.

If you have any questions about the application and apprentice program, please feel free to email our Production Manager at