Amazon Smile

Support Weathervane Playhouse when you shop at!

Amazon SmileWhen you shop at, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to Weathervane! To donate, make sure you are shopping from every time.

To set up your Amazon Smile account to support Weathervane, click on the banner above and you will be prompted to login (make sure it says Welcome to Amazon Smile). Your login for is the same for Amazon Smile.

Once you are logged in, Amazon Smile may automatically ask which charity you would like to support. Search for Weathervane Playhouse. Make sure to select Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, OH and you are ready to support Weathervane. You should see under the search bar “Supporting: Weathervane Playhouse” at the top of your Amazon Smile homepage.

If you are not automatically directed to choose a charity or if you are already supporting a charity and want to change your charity to Weathervane, go to “Your Account.” Under “Settings,” select “Change Your Charity,” and search Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, OH.
Thank you for your support!